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2022-03-10 05:53:32 By : Ms. Jenny Zhang

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This is a big one.

Season two is upon us in Call of Duty: Warzone and the patch notes for its accompanying massive update have come with it.

The patch notes are extensive, to say the least. The update was delayed by 12 days to fix bugs and adjust the quality of life, and Raven has definitely delivered on a tremendous amount of those if the patch notes are any indication.

📢 #Warzone Season Two launches at 11 AM PST! 🛡️💥🚛 Armored War Machines, a new LTE – Search & Deploy, Nebula V, new Modes, new Weapons, new Operators, new Gameplay, tons of improvements & more! The Patch Notes are available at:

The update contains several main features. There are new gameplay features including Nebula V ammo and bombs, decontamination stations, and redeploy balloons. There’s a new vehicle in the bomber plane, new locations including Chemical Factory, new modes like Caldera Clash and Rebirth Reinforced, and a huge list of quality-of-life updates.

The QOL updates are big, including adjustments to Vanguard Royale, loot changes (Dead Silence and stuns removed from ground loot, as an example), UAV changes, and changes to the rotation of public events in-game.

Armored Convoys will now be rolling around Caldera and players will be able to destroy them to earn some sweet loot. The convoys will be shown on the tac map when active, so players can track them down to get some good weaponry and more.

There are a lot of weapon changes, attachment changes, and bug fixes in the massive (don’t say we didn’t warn you) list of patch notes, and they can be read below.

“We’re stripping Battle Royale down and moving back to basics for Season Two. We want Battle Royale and Vanguard Royale to each have their own distinct identities. To achieve this, we are focusing-in on what makes these rulesets unique… the tools we provide our players, the pacing, the objectives, etc.”

Here is an overview of the changes players can expect to see:

“We’ve been really happy with the response and feedback to Vanguard Royale, with a lot of the sentiment emphasizing how the mode feels fresh and different from the core Battle Royale experience. With that said, we want to go all in on these differentiators and spread the two modes out to offer more variety in how Players choose to experience Warzone.”

A tip for parsing the following changes: An attribute can increase and be detrimental, or decrease and be beneficial. While considering the below changes, it is recommended to focus on the “down from” or “up from” language.

“Down from” will always indicate a negative effect, while “up from” will always be positive. 

All Vanguard Weapons have had their Ballistics behavior adjusted to more closely match MW and BOCW Weapons.

“There are two parts which comprise the Stats of the Kar98k (VG): the Weapon and the Base Optic. In the case of the Kar98k (VG), much of its ADS Speed stats were coming from its Optics. We have decided to take that ADS Speed and spread it out more evenly amongst its Attachments. The end result is a more consistent range of ADS Speeds that will not vary as wildly depending on the Optic alone. When considering the changes made to Optics and other Attachments, this results in a net increase to the Kar98k’s (VG) ADS Speeds. See the Optics section for additional details.”

“Trading damage now for damage later will have many Players still equipped with Incendiary wondering why they lost an even, or slightly advantaged fight. For now, Incendiary will provide a niche use on specific Weapons where shots are intermittently hit, or fire is unreturned. Players with above average aim will want to find a new type of Ammunition to lock and load.”

“As a result of Lengthened’s monopoly over Bullet Velocity on Vanguard (VG) Attachments, build diversity and Weapon viability has taken a hit. By shifting this Bullet Velocity into a wider variety of Attachments, we are aiming to provide more viable builds and meaningful choice within this category.

Lengthened aside, we have further changes coming to increase diversity in the Ammunition category. These changes will ensure the category fulfills more of a playstyle supplemental role for builds rather than a necessary enabler.

As a whole, Vanguard Weapons have been lacking in Bullet Velocity when compared to the competition. We felt it was necessary to provide more Bullet Velocity to VG Weapons so they could compete more consistently in long-range engagements. To remedy this, we have added Bullet Velocity to most VG Barrels.”

The following Vanguard Optics have had adjustments to their appearance and/or behavior. This potentially includes changes to ADS Speed, ADS Position (closeness to Optic), and Magnification Level.